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Design this season, adhering to the cheap michael kors handbags consistent design concept - the Jet Set style, choose to adapt to the fast pace of modern life fashion dress, whether you want to take a private Jet or through a city bus, should be ready at any time, on display.

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Referred to as the "fashion" Oscar Met Ball (the metropolitan museum of art charity Ball) in New York on May 5,michael kors handbags cheap local time later held the metropolitan museum of art in New York.Met Ball by the devil wears prada Anna wintour, so-called fashion Oscar's highest-level fashion party.Met this year Ball, Chinese supermodel XiMengYao in fashionable circle has invited guests at the party into the red carpet, this also is XiMengYao attended a second consecutive Met Ball, fashion status to be reckoned with.

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Luxury brand positioning in the market of 1% or less of consumer groups, seems to be more easy to profit, manufacture scarce, making distance, symbol itself is the core of luxury goods marketing.But in the Chinese market,michael kors cheap handbags only 1% of consumers will eyes on, most of the luxury goods may get nothing, because China's luxury consumer groups and Europe and other countries have very big difference.In the European and American countries, the main fashion luxury consumer groups are basically more than 40 people, but in China, the luxury fashion consumer groups more features, a wide range of concentration in 18 ~ 50 years old;Focused on a small scale 30 ~ 50 years old;18 to 39 years old people are the main fashion luxury consumption groups.This means that luxury goods if only targeting to sell products to the older, the rich of the rich in China,cheap michael kors handbags sale the market space is very limited.
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